2021 Eyewear Trends

2021 has brought an array of different glasses materials being used and shapes and sizes, we have seen new shapes being added to glasses collection and the designers having fun with the shapes, whilst having neutral colours and really beautiful metal finishes, including rose gold and copper finishes.

Oversized shapes

We have been loving the oversized glasses, we saw this style as a trend in 2020 and it will continue to grow. The oversize glasses and sunglasses are a real statement and having them in neutral colours, like rich browns really enhances the look. The oversized glasses have also been designed with chunky shapes, to really make a wow factor.

Here at Designer Glasses Boutique we love the Tom Ford Fausto TF5634-B glasses, these have an oversized shape and really chunky sides, these glasses are not for the faint hearted.

Tom Ford FT5634 B-056

Octagonal and hexagonal shapes

The new shape that is increasing in popularity is the octagonal and hexagonal shape, these shapes give a fun finish and make a real statement piece. The octagonal shape can be seen in metal and acetate glasses, we are seeing more and more of this shape within the 2021 collections.   The octagonal and hexagonal shapes take their inspiration from 70s styles, we have seen these shapes take the limelight in both the glasses and sunglasses collections.

Shown here is the Ray Ban Britt RX5472 glasses, the geometric shapes add a real style statement, the Britt glasses also come in pastel transparent colours, which is another 2021 eyewear trend

Ray Ban Britt RX5472

We also love the brand new Persol PO3254V glasses, they have the traditional Persol styling but with the contemporary hexagonal shape.

Persol PO3254V Red frames 1100
Red 1100

Filigree detailing

Filigree metal glasses is a continuing trend for 2021, we have seen metal glasses increasing in popularity over the past few years. We are loving the finer detaining and beautiful finishes that the filigree glasses give to us. With many different shapes and styles, there is sure to be something to suit everyone. We are loving the enchanting butterfly shape that gives a beautiful feminine finish.

The Oliver Peoples TK5 has custom Takumi filigree detailing on the exterior and interior bridge and the tips of the beautiful glasses.  The filigree has a coin edge design on the eyewire.

Oliver Peoples OV1299T TK-5 Pewter 5076
Oliver Peoples OV1299T TK-5 Pewter 5076

The Oliver Peoples TK-4 Pewter Silver Mist is a titanium glasses collection and has the most exquisite attention to detail.

Oliver Peoples OV1298T TK-4 Pewter Silver Mist 5076
Pewter Silver Mist 5076

Transparent hue

Colour tones, within 2021 we have seen the rises of softer shades, transparent finishes with warm grey and nude colours, whilst in previous years we have had completely transparent colours, this year sees a softer finish with a light colour seen throughout the transparent frames to give a warmer finish.

The Oakley Pitchman R OX8105 is a popular glasses collection from Oakley, they have introduced the new grey smoke colour, which has a grey colour but a stunning transparent finish.

Oakley PITCHMAN R-810520 Black Ink 20 designer frames
Black Ink 20

The Ray Ban Erica RX7046 glasses are an iconic Ray Ban style they have a beautiful round shape and a soft bridge to create a popular collection, Ray Ban have now added the transparent grey colour to the Erica collection.

Transparent Grey 8083

We love the new 2021 eyewear styles and the ever-changing looks, we are excited to see the new 2021 Autumn/Winter glasses and sunglasses collection. If you would like any style advise, feel free to contact us, with love, Designer Glasses Boutique