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Optifog lenses now available

  16 June 2020
Have you ever wanted glasses that DO NOT fog up? I know we have!! Essilor has launched a BRAND NEW Lens called the Optifog Lens. This Lens is designed to help eliminate the common occurrence whereby your lenses fog up and in turn make it difficult for you to see through your glasses for a few minutes. The big question is: WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM THESE LENSES? Well the answer is…. EVERYONE. Everyone can find fog annoying when carrying out their daily activities. E.g.: While drinking hot beverages, eating hot food, boiling a kettle, cooking, opening the dishwasher, moving from cold to hot environments. These lenses will help to reduce these problems and all.....Read More


  08 June 2020
WHO SAYS SAFETY CANNOT BE DESIGNER AND AFORDABLE? Well absolutely no one… Introducing the BRAND-NEW safety Goggles and Safety Face Mask from Polaroid Eyewear. Polaroid Eyewear have now created and dedicated a new line for eye and face protection to help with keeping people safe in these uncertain times. These models are an indispensable weapon to defend yourself against the risk of contracting contagions. These models are easy to clean and disinfect, perfect for long wear and they combine maximum protection with a comfortable fit.   Stay Safe 1: The Polaroid Stay Safe 1 Goggles are specifically designed to protect the eyes and guarantees comfort .....Read More

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