Essilor Crizal Sapphire UV

Designer Glasses Boutique are proud to announce we have exclusive access to the brand new Essilor lens. Working so closely with Essilor allows us to have early access to their latest technologies.

The Essilor Crizal UV Sapphire lenses are Essilors most invisible coating, this means that the lenses have less reflections and tackles light from all angels, which gives you the user better clarity. The Sapphire lenses are great when you are taking selfies, as the photograph is not interrupted by unwanted lens reflections! The Crizal Sapphire UV offers patients the best possible relief from bothersome reflections and lens transparency.

A little bit of technology around the Essilor Crizal Sapphire lenses, the lenses have a S102 nano layer, this layer ensures the combination of multi-angular technology, which reduces the amount of reflections.

Essilor crizal lense tech

The Essilor Crizal Sapphire UV have all the same benefits as all the other Crizal lenses, this includes the two year no quibble guarantee against any scratches. The Crizal lenses have a water repellence coating, which means on rainy days the water droplets will roll from the lens surface without a trace, giving you a smear free lens. The lenses also have an anti-static layer the great advantage of this technology is that the lenses are dust repellent.

The Crizal lenses are best know for their scratch guarantee, Essilor are so confident with their scratch resistant booster, which has a nano millimetre layer located behind the AR layer, that they offer a 2 year guarantee. The extra layer of scratch resistant also means that the lenses have an increased hardness.

The Essilor Crizal Sapphire UV have an E-SPF UV protection, the protection for the standard 1.5 index lens is E-SPF 10 and for all other lenses is E-SPF 35. Giving your eyes the very best protection.

Here at Designer Glasses Boutique we are offering the Essilor Crizal Sapphire UV lens option with all our glasses and the reglaze options, so you can have the most advanced lens technology thanks to Essilor.