NEW Zeiss Prescription Lenses

Here at Designer Glasses Boutique we are excited to announce that we supply Zeiss lenses, Zeiss lenses offer a clearer vision as standard. The Zeiss lenses are for those unforgettable moments and optimum vision.

Here at Designer Glasses Boutique we now offer a great choice of lens all at different price points, our branded lenses include WLC, Essilor and Zeiss.

Zeiss SmartLife Lenses now at Designer Glasses Boutique

Zeiss lenses offer full UV protection on all their lenses, including clear lenses.

Zeiss DuraVision Platinum lens coating, hardens the lens surface, making it more resistant to damage, reduces light reflections on the surfaces and makes the lens more dirt-resistant and easier to clean. 

Zeiss DuraVision Platinum takes hard coating to the very next level. The lenses go through a special manufacturing process which makes the lenses more durable than ever.

The Zeiss DuraVision Blue Protect is a special lens coating that is ideal for people who spend a lot of their time indoors and are exposed to the potentially harmful blue light emitted by LEDs, television, computer screen and tablets. The Zeiss DuraVisision Blue Protect contain a special filter which ensures comfortable vison even when there is a high blue light portion. 

Zeiss DuraVision Prescription Lenses

Zeiss offer a PhotoFusion lens option, this is when the lenses change colour from clear to a tinted lens. The Zeiss PhotoFusion X lenses are extremely light-reactive so the lenses goes dark and fades back quickly. Blue light filtering is also embedded in the lens material and another added benefit of the Zeiss PhotoFusion lenses is that they give you full UV protection.

Zeiss Photochromic Lenses