Here at Designer Glasses Boutique we pride ourselves on the lenses that we offer. We offer a great choice of lenses to suit every budget and requirements.

Essilor Crizal UV collection

We offer a range of Essilor lenses, the Essilor lenses that we offer are the Crizal Alize, Forte and Prevencia UV coating. All the Crizal UV coating have a fantastic protection for your eyes, the Essilor lenses are on the most advanced technological lenses. The Crizal UV coating has many great features including the UV protection, scratch resistance, smudge resistance, dust repellent, glare reduction and water repellence. Here at Designer Glasses Boutique we highly recommend the Essilor Crizal UV collection, especially if you are wearing your glasses all day, we think these are the best lens options.

Essilor Lenses

Essilor Transitions Signature

Another type of lens that we offer are transitions lenses, we offer two types of transition lenses the standard and the XTRActive. We offer the Essilor Transition Signature lenses, these lenses adapt to your surrounding light conditions, the great advantage of this is that the transitions allow a smooth transition in all light conditions. We offer the Essilor signature transitions in the three colour options, these are grey, brown and graphite green. The graphite green is the latest colour to be added to the Essilor transition range, the graphite green colour complements many glasses styles and colours, to create your own unique look. The Essilor Signature transitions are a patented Chromea 7 colour technology which makes the lenses more responsive to a range of temperature s and lighting. All the Essilor transitions have an eye-sun protection factor (E-SPF) of 25+, this means that the lenses have 25 times more protection that if you was wearing not lenses.

Essilor XTRActive Transitions

There is another option for transitions and this is the Essilor Signature XTRActive transitions, these transitions are also available in the same colours as the Signature transitions, the XTRActive transitions are ideal for people who lifestyles are predominately outdoors and who drive frequently, the great advantage of the XTRActive transitions is that they change colour quicker and they also change it the car. The XTRActive transitions have a slight tint on the lens all the time, ensuring that they protect your eyes in all conditions including harsh indoor lights.

Essilor Family Lenses

At Designer Glasses Boutique we have excellent knowledge off all the lenses that we sell, please feel free to give us a call to discuss the best lens options for your requirements, we can advise you on the best options available.