Here at Designer Glasses Boutique we love the Celine sunglasses collection, the collection is a super cool range and encompasses chunky designs and oversized shapes, this season we have also seen the introduction of colour added to the Celine sunglasses ranges. Below we can see the Celine Shadow sunglasses in the hot pink colour.Celine Shadow 41026/S pink

Celine has also been popular with the celebrities including the Kardashian family, Victoria Beckham and Rhianna.

Here we can see Victoria Beckham in the stylish Celine Shadow sunglasses in the tortoise colour.

Victoria Beckham wears Celine Shadow sunglasses


We also adore Kim Kardashian wearing the Celine ZZ top sunglasses, these are an oversized collection and Kim Kardashian accessories the sunglasses perfect and opts for the black colour.

Kim Kardashian Celine ZZ Top Sunglasses

With the latest 2017 release we have seen the traditional shapes with a brand new twist, the new Celine Thin Shadow sunglasses take their inspiration from the classic and ever popular Celine Shadow sunglasses but they have a thinner shape and a lightweight design. The Celine Thin Shadow design is available in a range of colours, from the classic black and havana colours to the new fushcia and blue colours.

Celine 41435 Thin Shadow sunglasses

The Celine sunglasses collection also offer you metal sunglasses, the Celine metal sunglasses have taken inspiration from the classic aviator shape. This collection is called the Celine Mirror and comes in two models the CL 41391 which is an oversized aviator shape or the CL 41392 which is a smaller aviator shape and ideal for the more petite face shape.

The Celine Mirror sunglasses are also a strong favourite with the celebrities, as seen here on Kourtney Kardashian, we love the Celine Mirror collection as they are a chic and contemporary design that can be worn every day, we also love the mirror lenses for a really cool finish to the sunglasses.

Kourtney Kardashian Celine Mirror Sunglasses

Overall, we love the Celine sunglasses collection, the range offers a vibrant and fun collection that have been carefully designed to give every outfit a real wow factor. We offer the complete collection and are official stockists on the Celine glasses and sunglasses range. Take a look today as every wardrobe needs a Celine eyewear piece!