Introducing the BRAND-NEW safety Goggles and Safety Face Mask from Polaroid Eyewear.

Polaroid Eyewear have now created and dedicated a new line for eye and face protection to help with keeping people safe in these uncertain times. These models are an indispensable weapon to defend yourself against the risk of contracting contagions. These models are easy to clean and disinfect, perfect for long wear and they combine maximum protection with a comfortable fit.  

Stay Safe 1:

The Polaroid Stay Safe 1 Goggles are specifically designed to protect the eyes and guarantees comfort even in case of continuous use, this is to ensure maximum freedom to move. You can also wear these with your glasses too!

As a bonus these Goggles are reusable and hygienic as you can clean them with soap and water. The Polaroid Stay Safe 1 Goggles are an adult fit with and adjustable elastic band.

Stay Safe


Stay Safe 2:

The Polaroid Stay Safe 2 Face Mask provides protection to the entire face and acts as a defence against contagions. We would highly recommend that you also wear with a mask to cover both the nose and mouth for even more effective protection! Again, you can even wear this Face Mask with your glasses! As with the Stay Safe 1 this Face Mask is reusable and you can disinfect your protective visor with soap and water. This Face Mask has an adult fit with adjustable elastic band.

 Stay Safe 2

In these uncertain times we want to be sure that we do everything we can to maximise our protection against the dreadful contagions that are out there and with these products we are one step closer to achieving this… all the while sporting something designer!