Have you ever wanted glasses that DO NOT fog up? I know we have!!

Essilor has launched a BRAND NEW Lens called the Optifog Lens. This Lens is designed to help eliminate the common occurrence whereby your lenses fog up and in turn make it difficult for you to see through your glasses for a few minutes.

The big question is: WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM THESE LENSES? Well the answer is…. EVERYONE.

Everyone can find fog annoying when carrying out their daily activities. E.g.: While drinking hot beverages, eating hot food, boiling a kettle, cooking, opening the dishwasher, moving from cold to hot environments. These lenses will help to reduce these problems and allow you to continue with your everyday tasks without the hassle of waiting for your lenses to become accustomed to the new temperatures.




Well not anymore... with the Essilor Optifog lens you can also eliminate fogging while carrying out the activities you love E.G. Running, Cycling, Hiking,  Playing Tennis, Golfing, Skiing, etc...


Optifog helps prevent your glasses fogging up when wearing a face mask.


The number of people wearing face masks has risen in the last few months, for both professional and personal use.


Face coverings, although essential to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 can create annoying problems for people who wear glasses, as breathing through the mask causes the lenses to fog.  This is inconvenient and sometimes hazardous. To meet the essential needs of our customers Designer Glasses Boutique are pleased to announce the launch of the Optifog lens.


Optifog is Essilor’ new smart and unique anti-fog system which combines two elements:  A lens with anti-fog top layers and a smart cloth with anti-fog molecules. The Optifog lens is both a fog-free and clear lens at the same time. These lenses don’t just repel fog but it offers protection against reflections, scratches and UV rays too.


This is the lens technology all glasses wearers have been waiting and Essilor have finally delivered so don’t miss out and try this fantastic lens now.