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Tiffany Spring 2022 Collection

We are always on the search for new glasses brands at Designer Glasses Boutique, 2022 sees the launch of brands including Tiffany.  There are still lots of new brands to come including Dita, Chloe, Balenciaga and Victoria Beckham.

Let’s look at the Tiffany glasses collection is detail.

The Tiffany fall and winter 2022 collection features the highlights of the Tiffany T and the Tiffany hardwear. The new Tiffany glasses collection is split into three categories the Victoria, Wheat Leaf and Diamond point.

Tiffany Discover The Collection: Victoria, Wheat Leaf & Diamond Point

The Tiffany Victoria collection keeps close ties with the Tiffany jewellery and the eyewear collection. The collection is a mix of Tiffany sunglasses and glasses, all of which can have prescription lenses added, if required. The glasses and sunglasses have a total of 24 crystals, each at a different size.

The Tiffany 4189B sunglasses plays homage to the Victoria collection, the sunglasses shine a new light on the temples of the sunglasses and add a rich dazzling crystal, to the chic cat eye shape.

The Tiffany Wheat Leaf collection is an iconic motif, that is metalwork that runs through each piece of eyewear.

The Tiffany TF2221 glasses have added elegance and sophistication, the unique metalwork creates an iconic pattern. The Tiffany TF2221 glasses have a wire rimmed acetate which enables the glasses to be suitable for high plus and high minus lenses.

For a timeless collection look no further than the Tiffany Diamond Point collection, the Tiffany Diamond Point has metal work inspired by the bottom point of a diamond known as the culet. The Tiffany TF222 glasses are part of the diamond point collection, the Tiffany TF2222 take direct inspiration from the Tiffany jewellery range. The diamond culet double row motif enhances this stunning optical style.

The complete Tiffany glasses and sunglasses collection can be found here at Designer Glasses Boutique.