What's New Oliver Peoples O'Malley

Oliver Peoples have relaunched the iconic O'Malley glasses, these glasses were a classic design that were worn by LA Dodgers' former owner.  The Oliver Peoples O'Malley glasses is on of their most famous designs and it has been relauched with a limited number of pieces.

The Oliver Peoples O'Malley OV5183 glasses have been handcrafted from layers of custom designed exclusive acetate, this process ensures that every pair of O'Malley glasses have a unique finish. The front of the O'Malley glasses also have the hand-laid pins, this ensures that the glasses are strong and it also gives them a great look.

Oliver Peoples Omalley glasses being handmade

The glasses have been handcrafted in Italy and they also have a substantial five-barre hinge this functionality provides greater durability to the structure of the glasses. The O'Malley glasses include the limited addition case and box which has been carefully designed by Oliver Peoples.

The O'Malley OV 5183 glasses come in a choice of colours that have taken their inspiration from the original colours but with a modern twist, the brown gradient is one of our favourite colours. The Oliver Peoples O'Malley is a limited collection and will not be around for long so make sure you visit the collection!